Butt and Hips Exfoliating Scrub



This is a new and improved formula highly focused on exfoliating and removing of  dead skin cells. It encourages healthy production of new ones giving you a smooth and polished skin.

It prepares the butt and body to receive the  butt syrup, butt cream or the butt powder mix.

Exfoliating your skin is the first step to a more beautiful  booty, as the scrub removes dead skin cells and prepares the skin area for the application of the butt cream, syrup  or powder drink. 

The scrub is great for those with  hyperpigmentation, discoloration within inner thighs, and inner butt crack. This scrub is super moisturizing for those who suffer from dry skin and can be used for the whole body and not the  butt alone

Turmeric  and the essential oils combined can heal wounds, prevent breakouts, fight off eczema, brighten dark marks, reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

This scrub is perfect for all skin and has the following properties.

  • It exfoliates the butt and skin, making it plump, smooth and soft
  • It soothes irritated skin and gently removes dead skin cells for a smooth pretty kitty
  • Brightens dark marks, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and fight off eczema
  • It has antibacterial properties that supports the reduction of  recurring ingrown hairs, bumps and boils.



The top 7 ingredients in our scrub are:

Shea Butter, Tumeric, Aloe Vera, herbs, Tea Tree Oil, Clove buds, Sugar. and a mixture of herbs


Method of Use:

After bath, Apply on a damp skin and leave for 5 mins before rinsing out with water. Pat dry and apply your booty cream,   Use 2-3 times a week.




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